Calumet Dreams
A 15 Month Family Sailing Adventure
On a 33 Foot Catamaran

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Zion with Barry the Barracuda
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Most recent chapters!
Chapter 24 July 15 - August 4
Things Canadian * Trent-Severn Waterway * Locks and More Locks * Petersborough Night Festival * Lift Lock * Riding Out of the Water * Last Lock * Mast Back Up * Canadian Sheild Granite * 30,000+ Islands * Blueberries * North Channel * Last Bridge * Back in the U.S. * Epilogue

Afternoon swim anchored on the Tenn-Tom Waterway

Chapter 1 June 28 - July 6
Departing * Lake Michigan * South Winds * Tacking * Waves * Milwaukee * Storms * Fog * Damage * Racine* Chicago

Chapter 2 July 7 - July 13
Downtown Chicago * Marinas * Lotsa Rules * Friends * Walking Tours * Short Trip Home * Take Mast Down

Chapter 3 July 14 - July 22
Chicago River * Barges * Tugs * Cranes * Locks * Illinois River * Joliet * Kankakee * Morris * Sand Beaches * Ottawa * Henry * Islands

Chapter 4 July 23 - July 27
Logs * Steering Damage * Pere Marquette State Park * Bluffs * Mosquitoes * Mississippi River * Alton * Wadlow * Piasa Bird

Chapter 5 July 28 - August 3
Mississippi River * Barge-type Marina * Car to St. Louis * Visit Arch * Flying Fish Stories * Wilderness * Big Sand Islands * Strong Currents * Huge Barges * Ohio River * Cair o * Home of Superman

Chapter 6 August 4 - August 17
Cumberland River * Barkley Lake/Lock * Kentucky Lake * Tennessee River * Caribbean Party * Prizes * Fans! * Tarp * Mast UP! * Sailing Again! * Dry County? * Quarry * Crew Member Disabled

Chapter 7 August 18 - August 22
Tennessee River Narrows * Clifton * Delta Queen * Adopt-a-Kitty * Locks and more Locks * Big Gator Rumors * Boating in the Dark * Very Hot * Bayous

Chapter 8 August 23 - September 1
Aberdeen * Kitty Vet * Survivor Addicts * More Gator Facts * Shayla in Itta Bena * Cotton & Catfish * Captain Ron? * Water Hyacinths * White Cliffs * Demopolis * Last Lock * Ocean Soon

Chapter 9 September 2 - September 14
Barge Traffic Jams * RV Barge * Big Bayou Canot * Alligator Territory * Dead Lake * Love Bugs * Amtrak/Barge Story * Ocean Boats * Swimming with Dolphins * Shrimping * Dog River * Rain and More Rain * Dauphin Island * THE OCEAN! * Glowing Jellyfish * Fast Sail * Cypress Trees * Went home to ready house for renting

Chapter 10 October 8 - October 29
Snow * School Dance * Van Breakdown * Susan Hawk * Alton * Little House in Mansfield * Back to Boat * Birthday * Clams * Dog River * Big Sail * Wolf Bay * Body Surfing * Perdido Key * Choctawhatchee * Destin * Clear Water * Snorkeling * Fishies

Chapter 11 October 30 - November 22
Fort Walton * Red Tide * Halloween * Sailing with an old Friend * Temple Mound * Ingram Bayou * Robinson Bayou * Getting boat ready for the OCEAN * Blue Angels * Fairhope Meeting * Rain and more Rain * Biloxi * Naval Air Museum

Chapter 12 November 23 - December 10
Thanksgiving * Tornado weather * Choctawahatchee * Panama City * Flags * Apalachicola * Museums * Oysters * 12th Birthday * Hitting the Gulf

Chapter 13 December 11 - January 1
Cloud Travel * Sponge Capital * Palm Arboretum * St. Petersburg Christmas Meeting * Mystery Island * Shark Teeth * Super Shelling * "Pitiful" Christmas * Sailing with Friends * Edison Home * Orange Harvest

Chapter 14 January 2 - January 23
Manatee Baby * Lake Okeechobee * Ash Snow * Sea Kid's Six * Running Aground * Cyberdragon * Kid's Sailboat * Candy Canes * Japanese Mitzi * Dinghy Races * Autopilot * International Soccer Game * Solar Power * Hot Showers

Chapter 15 January 24 - February 15
Mail from Home * Captain of the Dinghy * Dinghy Surfing * Manatee Up Close and Personal * Cold War JKF Bunker * Snorkeling with Barracuda * Manta Rays * Yellow-finned Snapper * Wild Parakeets * Jewish Holocaust Memorial

Chapter 16 February 16 - February 21
Miami Beach Art Center * Crossing the Gulf Stream * Clearing Customs * King's Highway * Golf Carts * Singing at Church * Haitian Community * Octopus * North Winds * Straw Market * Bimini Museum * Ernest Hemingway * Conch Hunting * Leopard Rays * Buried Chain * Bimini Art

Chapter 17 February 22 - March 10
Arriving at Andros Island * Hitchhiking to Nicholl's Town * Spelunking at Henry Morgan's Cave * New Providence Island * The Big Blow in Allen's Cay * Iguanas and Tame Birds * Little Farmer's Cay * Lots of Conch * Private Islands

Chapter 18 March 11 - April 3
Dinghy Disappointment * Sand Sculpture Triumph * Bikini Shopping * Georgetown Regatta * Scavenger Hunt * Beach Church * Coconut Harvest * Ambergris * Sea Slugs * Kids Sailing on Sunfish * Campfire on the Beach * Fishing for Shark * Bogieboarding

Chapter 19 April 5 - April 21
Rudder Parts Arrive * Hug from Mom * Cruising Cuba * Land Crabs * City of Jerusalem * Swimming with Sharks * Jacks Feeding Frenzy * Bahamian Life * Screechers and Stupils * Easter Sunrise Service * Williamstown * Plantation Ruins * Pirate Traps * Thimble Invasion

Chapter 20 April 22 - May 10
Fort of Sailing Kids * Spinnaker Jumping * Family Island Regatta * Bahamian Sloops * Hellos and Good-byes * Original Courageous * Mr. D's Conch Salad * Junkanoo Parade * The Waiting Game * Evening Trivia * High Tides and Tiki Torches * Leaving George Town

Chapter 21 May 11 - May 31
Thunderball Grotto * Sharks and Rays * Native Pigs * King-sized Conch * National Sea and Land Park * Coralhead * Catching Big Fish * Touring Nassau * Bat Caves * Crossing Atlantis??? * Back in the USA * Cannons at Fort Clinton * Armadilloes, Wild Horses and a Diamondback Rattler

Chapter 22 June 1 - June 27
Climbing to the Crow's Nest * Shredded Sail * Port of Savannah * Fort Sumter * Giant Tarpon * Pontoon Bridge * Gunboats on the Prowl * Marshes and Sounds * Tropical Storm Alison * Hoppy the Tree Frog * Rose Buddies * Dismal Swamp * Ponies on Chincoteague * Home of the Jet 14

Chapter 23 June 28 - July 14
Sandy Hook * Lady Liberty * Coast Guard Lightship * Manhatten Skyline * Buying CDs in Times Square * Eating Hot Pretzls in Central Park * Wall Street and the UN * Hudson River * West Point * Clearwater Sloop * Gateway to the Erie Canal * Historic Canal * Crossing Lake Ontario

Chapter 24 July 15 - August 4
Things Canadian * Trent-Severn Waterway * Locks and More Locks * Petersborough Night Festival * Lift Lock * Riding Out of the Water * Last Lock * Mast Back Up * Canadian Sheild Granite * 30,000+ Islands * Blueberries * North Channel * Last Bridge * Back in the U.S. * Epilogue

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<--- Drawing by Zion 


Welcome to the web site for the planned sailing trip of the Klos family. We plan to leave in early June and be gone for at least 1 1/2 years. Final destination? Unknown.... wherever the wind takes us. In the beginning, we will be sailing thru the Great Lakes and taking the St. Lawrence Seaway or the Erie Canal. After that? Maybe Europe, or Africa (we have friends in Ghana) or around the world. 

Since a sailboat relies on wind, weather and water, it’s impossible to set dates or destinations. Rivers can be flooded or dry, canals or locks might not be operating and harbors might be closed. In fact, some harbors are already closed this year due to the record low water conditions in Lake Michigan. We will be determining routes only 1 or 2 days in advance, gathering knowledge from other sailors along the way. 

The web site will be updated almost daily before our trip and make sure to check out the links to our personal pages. Tricia will be posting all of her stories and poems and Zion will be showing off his web pages he designed. 

Our boat is a 33 foot catamaran sailboat, about 17 feet wide and weighs 6000 lbs. It has enclosed hulls and a central enclosed dining area. The parents have their own room with a queen size bed and each kid has their own rooms with smaller beds. No need for people to crawl over or walk past sleeping crew members. The right hull has a galley with propane burners (no oven) and the left hull has the head (toilet) and shower. We do have a hot water heater for the shower, our only luxury. There is no refrigerator, washing machine or dryer on the boat and only a camping cooler to keep food cold for couple of days.

We have two rechargeable battery packs to supply 12 volt electricity. Most the of power will come from a single 30 watt solar panel. Not a whole lot of power available. We do have a 9.9 hp 4-stroke outboard engine for moving around in the harbors. The engine can do some recharging, but we will only have enough gasoline onboard to run the engine for 5 hours total.

People are asking what happens if the wind dies? That’s ‘relax time’, we just sit and drift until the wind comes again. 5 hours of engine power doesn’t help much to cross the Atlantic.

We will be very low tech on the boat and will not have any ‘real time’ communications with anyone on shore. We will have couple of old 286 laptops for word processing. When in port, we will ask to borrow time on someone’s computer and email the pictures and text files back to our ‘webmaster’, who will then upload them to this site. We will also check our yahoo mail accounts at that time. Do not send any mail to

We will be more than happy to give tours of our boat and boat rides. Just leave us an email message or give us a phone call (before June 1). If you like us to stop somewhere, let us know, and we will try to arrange it and call you when we arrive. Once again, the weather determines our schedule. We will always appreciate a home cooked meal and a chance for us to wash our clothes. We enjoy getting cultural tours and visiting museums.

We bought the boat used and do have some pictures of the boat before we started to restore it. At this time, the boat is tucked in between some farm sheds and is hard to take a picture of it. The boat will be put in the water in early May and lots of pics will be taken then.