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Tricia on the Right
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Fri 8-Mar-2002

Sabotage offers second chance


Herald Times Reporter

MANITOWOC Despite misspelling sabotage Kiel Middle Schools Angie Courchaine was able to correctly spell connotations and petition to capture the 2002 Manitowoc Regional competition of the 75th Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.

I said a billion prayers during (the Bee), said the seventh-grade daughter of Don and Mary Courchaine after the competition held at Wilson Junior High School Thursday evening.

Now, its on to the state contest at Verona High School in Madison later this spring.

Courchaine needed a second chance when eventual second place finisher Tricia Klos, seventh-grade daughter of Dan and Mary Klos, spelled sabotage correctly.

Connotations is my new most unfavorite word, she said after putting only one n in the first syllable.

The Bee began with 20 contestants, all 15 or under per the contest rules, spread out across the junior high stage.

Words that tripped up the youngsters included tiniest, humanely, dissecting, illegible, accrued, disarmament and melanoma.

After 45 minutes, the competition, sponsored by the Herald Times Reporter, was down to Courchaine in Chair No. 1 and Klos in Chair No. 20 at opposite ends of the stage.

Each contestant had an individual style. Chilton Middle Schools Sarah Pitzen would march to the microphone at the center of the stage, smartly turn to face pronouncer Jerry Guy, HTR editor then spell each word quickly with confidence getting approval from judges Kim LaChappelle and Shannon Becker, of the newspapers circulation department. But misspelling dilated proved her undoing.

Jefferson Elementarys Andrew Bula agonized for seemingly a half-minute on several words and gourmet he spelled it without a u narrowed the field to the final two.

Courchaine would smile after successfully spelling each word. She had one on her face at the end with the first place trophy in hand. If Courchaine cannot go to state competition, Klos would represent the Manitowoc region.

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