Tricia's Faves


Fave Book: undecided (they're all so good!)
Fave Movie: Titanic (definitely NOT The Perfect Storm)
Fave Band(s): N*SYNC & BSB (that was a big surprise for you!)
Fave Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (yummy calories!)
Fave Food:mashed potatoes (I love homemade OR instant)
Fave Female Solo Singer: Britney Spears (Oh, baby,baby!)
Fave Male Solo Singer: Aaron Carter (Come get it!)
Fave Male TV Star: Frankie Muniz (from Malcolm in the Middle)
Fave Female TV Star: Mila Kunis (That 70's Show)
Fave TV Show(s): Malcolm in the Middle & The Simpsons
Fave Male Movie Star: Leonardo DiCaprio (Titanic)
Fave Female Movie Star: undecided (I don't watch many movies)
Fave Song: "It's My Life" (sung by Bon Jovi)
Fave Celebrity: Aaron Carter (he is SO cute!)
Fave Book Series: Sweet Valley & Little House (I love them!)
Fave Soda: Root Beer (but Diet Root Beer is disgusting!)
Fave Pizza Topping: nothing at all (just bread & sauce)
Fave Season(s): Fall & Spring (when everything changes)
Fave Animal: cat (I miss mine!)
Fave Color(s): yellow, green, blue, & red (don't me ask why)
Fave Flower: rose (preferably red)
Fave Dessert: ice cream and\or chocolate chip bars (gooey)

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